An Industry Association

Background: The raw material intensive industries have been the most impacted ones in view of the inflationary trends gripping the economy. Given a spiraling rise in the raw material costs, the companies belonging to a particular industry segment needed to pass on the increase in inputs costs to the consumers. However the competition in the market place, from both domestic manufacturers and imports, compelled the companies to increase the prices of products marginally while absorbing most of the rise in input costs. Unfortunately, certain vested interests levelled allegations of cartelization in the industry and blamed the industry of being uncompetitive in nature through a campaign in the media and other circles.

Challenge: The challenge before Profile Consulting, as communication consultants to the industry association, was to make the realities better understood which were being overlooked in the populist misinformation campaign

Strategy: Through a series of interactions with the media, an attempt was made to convincingly present the legitimate concerns of the industry. Facts and figure were compiled (including references to international scenario) to invalidate the views being floated against the industry.

Outcome: The communication campaign led to better appreciation of the industry's concerns and more balanced reportage taking into account the industry’s view on all the contentious issues.

The case study is being updated
The case study is being updated