Corporate communication is aimed at building enduring relationships with all the relevant constituencies so as to facilitate achievement of business objectives. At Profile Consulting, corporate communication practice takes the following forms:

Corporate Profiling: Defining corporate positioning, developing key messages to capture the positioning and also designing and implementing initiatives to reinforce the same

Corporate Reputation Management: Counseling the client on measures to enhance reputation capital. This includes programs such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and also measures to communicate transparency, accountability and commitment.

Internal Communication: Developing internal communication program aimed at making employees understand and embrace the organisation’s vision, policies and build commitment.

Community Relations: Developing programs that help in building confidence amongst the communities and pre-empt any adverse fall out

Analysts Relations: Engaging the analysts (financial and industry analysts) community through direct briefings and industry events

CEO Briefings: Preparing customised India briefings to the visiting CEOs on economic, social and political environment

Corporate Events: Providing communication support to full range of corporate events – seminars, conferences, networking events etc

Investors Communication: Communicating regular updates to the shareholders on corporate achievements and growth prospects so as to keep up their interest.
Businesses need to manage issues in order to protect reputation. A crisis communication strategy is critical to respond adequately to business challenges including financial market rumours, activist campaigns, adverse litigation and industrial accidents. Profile Consulting’s response mechanism to a crisis situation includes special communication workshops, media relations and liaison with key influential groups.
Strategic communication, as a tool to influence the opinion of those who matter could be a valuable asset to any public affairs management program. This includes communication with a variety of influencers – media, government, legislators, regulatory agencies and NGOs. Profile Consulting has experience in management of public affairs, especially through industry associations.
PR as an integral part of marketing mix could provide strategic inputs at all stages of brand lifecycle. Profile Consulting’s expertise includes communication support to product launches, altering consumer perceptions and making the product stand out in a competitive environment. Moving beyond conventional marketing, Profile Consulting ideates opportunities for consumer interaction to create the right kind of buzz in the market place.
Profile Consulting’s communication approach has media relations at its core. Effective media relations are central to disseminating messages to a wider audience. Moreover, the third party endorsement and the credibility that the media brings to bear is not matched by any other medium. Profile Consulting partners with the media in their pursuit of information dissemination in a manner that clients and their viewpoints are optimally covered while media is able to discharge its duty – producing newsworthy articles that are of interest to the readers.

Different media vehicles – business, lifestyle, mainline - write in different ways for a different set of audience. The challenge is to get the right message in the right media. Profile Consulting has a good understanding of the requirements of the diverse needs of the media and has expertise to develop the right message for the right medium
Corporate writing needs to be persuasive and make a case successfully while being easily comprehensible. Especially, writing for media requires not only a flair for writing but also nose for news. Profile Consulting provides the full range of editorial services including media releases, media backgrounders, contributing articles, case studies, CEO speeches, press kits, editing annual reports and designing and editing company collaterals such as newsletters and company brochures.
Profile Consulting provides regular research-based information service to its clients. We believe timely updates on the industry and intelligence on competition is imperative for any good business strategy. Profile Consulting has the skills and expertise to prepare customised industry reports, sector updates, newsletters and media coverage analysis reports.
Strong linkages exist between CEO and company reputation. Research has shown that 50 per cent of a company’s reputation is tied to its CEO. As the case with organisations, CEO branding is an art that Profile Consulting is skilled at.
Organising events help in underlining the positioning taken up by a corporate or a brand. Profile Consulting provides advisory on the profile and nature of events besides providing communication support including media communication